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Bankruptcy Means Test in Queens, NY

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Millions of New Yorkers struggle to pay their bills or are buried under seemingly endless debt. At the Law Office of Regina Alberty, we have helped countless clients regain control over their finances by taking advantage of the many benefits bankruptcy can provide.

If you are one of these millions of New Yorkers overwhelmed by debt, help is available. Attorney Regina Alberty has over 25 years of experience with bankruptcy law and is ready to help you obtain the debt relief you need.

Contact Regina Alberty’s law office online today, or call 718-261-7200, toll free at 866-574-1065, to schedule your free initial consultation. Real debt relief might only be a phone call away.

Forest Hills Bankruptcy Eligibility — Understanding the Means Test

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not available to everyone — it is typically reserved for those who truly cannot pay off their debt. If your income exceeds the median family income, attorney Regina Alberty will walk you through the Means Test that is designed to analyze your finances and your ability to repay debt. This test is extremely complex and requires the help of an experienced lawyer to ensure it is completed accurately.

The Means Test works by taking your average monthly income from the previous six months and deducting specific monthly expenses. This analysis gives you your “monthly disposable income,” which is then measured against New York’s averages. Depending on the final calculation, you might or might not be eligible for Chapter 7.

Even if you are found to be not eligible however, there are many debt relief options available. These options include Chapter 13 bankruptcy in which you create an affordable three- to five-year repayment plan to slowly pay down your debt.

Dedication to Client Service

Regina Alberty provides quality, personalized bankruptcy representation to each client she serves. Her No. 1 priority is to help her clients achieve their debt relief goals and ensuring they fully understand what to expect throughout the bankruptcy process.

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The Law Office of Regina Alberty offers free initial consultations to bankruptcy clients. Divorce clients are offered an initial consultation for a nominal fee of $50. To schedule your consultation, you may call locally at 718-261-7200 or toll free at 866-574-1065. You may also contact the firm online.

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